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Online Cricket Betting In India – Apps, Websites & Guides

Online Cricket Betting In India – Apps, Websites & Guides

Cricket fans from all over the world can experience the thrill of betting on fantastic cricket sessions at the top sports betting sites. OnlineCasinoOnlineSlots brings the opportunity for players to enjoy full toss betting from anywhere and anytime seamlessly at the best Cricket betting sites. Players can trust the reviews and comprehensive information compiled on this database centre to connect to the action unfolding on Cricket fields around the world.

As the number #1 portal that provides complete information on online cricket betting, players can read the reviews of the top betting sites check where to access the highest odds at cricket betting and simultaneously enjoy authentic betting tips from experts in the field. The site enlists details and guides on the most happening Cricket tournaments and offers references to articles and blogs on scores of Cricket betting topics.

Online Cricket Betting

How To Register At A Top Online Cricket Betting Site?

Players new to online betting altogether, don’t need to panic as the step-by-step details can assist in creating a betting account as a safe and secure gambling site. For players keen on learning the process of placing the first cricket bet, here’s how to get started as a pro!

– Choose the finest cricket betting site from the appended list.

– Create a unique account.

– Pick a deposit option to make a payment and fund your casino account.

– Get details on cricket betting odds.

– Place your cricket bets.

Online Cricket Betting

How To Place Bets In Cricket

For the uninitiated, placing a cricket bet can be confusing. So whether you’re a huge fan of cricket or simply want to make money by betting on cricket, you should know about placing bets in cricket. But before placing bets, you need to understand cricket odds.

What Are Cricket Odds And How Do They Work?

After you sign up for an online cricket betting site, you’ll have to navigate the website and find the particular cricket match you wish to bet on. Once there, you’ll notice that every match has its betting odds displayed against it. More often than not, the website will show two numbers in front of the match listing. These numbers are nothing but the odds offered by the website for each of the teams. They’re a representation of the amount you’ll win if you place the right bet.

Note that different cricket betting websites will represent these odds in different ways. The home and away positions can be indicated using either numbers or words (1 for Home, 2 for Away or simply “Home” and “Away”). The values of the odds themselves can be shown in different ways as shown below.

  • American odds – These are written in whole numbers with a plus (+) or minus (-) sign in front of them.
  • Fractional odds – Used in the UK, there are written as fractions; like 1.5/1.
  • Decimal odds – There are simply probabilities turned into percentages. For example, if the probability is 65%, you’ll get (100/65) 1.54 units for every unit you bet.

While you’re here, you should also know that the odds of a team may also change over time. This may happen because the bookmaker adjusts the odds to avoid a major loss. If too many people bet on one side, the bookmaker will go out of business regardless of how the match turns out in the end. Thus, you’ll see that the odds of a match change over time to stimulate equal action on both sides.

Types Of Cricket Bets

Did you know that you can bet on more than who’ll win? In fact, cricket betting sites allow you to place hundreds of bets. This diversity in bets allows players to use their cricket knowledge, game experience, and deep intuition to place bets that they’re more likely to win.

  • Match Betting – The simplest bet of all, in this type of bet, you simply have to correctly predict which team will win the match. In such matches, you’ll get less than even if you bet on the winning favorite and more than 1:1 if you bet on the underdog.
  • Tied Match – Most online bookmakers will only allow you to bet on “Tied” for Test matches. You can consider placing this bet as a hedge in case weather conditions, slow play, or other circumstances don’t allow the emergence of a clear winner.
  • Series Winner – It’s quite common for two teams to play a series against each other. For example, “The Ashes,” a biennial five-game series played between England and Australia. In such cases, you can bet on which team takes home the trophy at the end of the series.
  • Outright Winner – During big tournaments, you can support your favorite team by placing the “Outright Winner” bet on them. This means you’re predicting which team will win an entire tournament even before it has begun. Since there are so many teams in the tournament, the odds are significantly higher for this bet.
  • Win Toss – This bet requires a simple guess as to who might win the toss before the match. Note that it has nothing to do with which team will win or lose the overall match or tournament.  Typically, bookmakers offer 10/11 odds for this bet.
  • Odd/Even Run Score – You’ll be betting on whether the total runs by one team at the end of its innings will be odd or even. This bet also usually offers 10/11 odds.
  • Match Score – This bet takes the difficulty up a notch by requiring you to correctly guess the total number of runs a team will score at the end of their innings. You’ll have to select a small range of numbers (like 170-180) to indicate your selection.
  • Top Bowler/Top Batsman – As you can guess, you’ll have to guess which bowler will take the highest number of wickets or the batsman who will score the highest number of runs. You can place your bet on a bowler or batsman for a single match, for just one side in a match, or for the overall series.

Cricket Betting Tips

Now that you understand cricket odds and the various types of bets, you’re ready to hop on and start betting. But if you wish to master online cricket betting, here are some helpful tips.

  • Observe form – The way players have played in the previous matches affects the way they’ll perform in upcoming ones. This is called form. It’s one of the biggest factors that affect a player’s performance and, luckily, it’s also very predictable. Use this information to place the right bets and avoid falling for higher odds for teams less likely to win.
  • Set your boundaries – For every online cricket bettor today, there are practically unlimited options. You can choose from more than a hundred types of bets on more than a hundred cricket betting sites. If you want to avoid getting caught in the flow and placing bets you didn’t really want, you should set boundaries for yourself. Focus on a few familiar, well-understood betting markets and shortlist the types of bets you want to make. Also, decide the amount you’re ready to risk in advance, and don’t exceed it.
  • Become a bookmaker – Well no, don’t actually open an online casino and become a bookmaker. But you can think like a bookmaker. Instead of relying completely on the odds offered by the bookmaker, collect some data and analyze it carefully. Then, try to predict what the odds should be. By comparing your results against the bookmaker’s offering, you’ll be able to spot the best opportunities.
  • ODIs – If you want to practice your bookmaker emulating skills, ODIs are your best bet. Since they’re not as volatile as T20s and don’t last as long as Test matches, you can use a load of statistical information to make estimates on the form, trends in teams, and the way stadiums affect the match.
  • Test Matches – Test matches are also good for testing your newly-learned bookmaking skills. However, you should these opportunities to see how even small changes affect the game in the long run. While a team may recover from some mistakes it made early on, other mistakes may only magnify over time.

Finding The Best Online Cricket Betting Odds

Gambling fans who wish to bet on Cricket should explore the betting odds before placing real bets to book more profits in the long run. Getting the best odds involves a certain amount of extensive research which OnlineCasinoOnlineSlots already does for the players. The reliable cricket betting online sites listed as top ones can help players make decisions on which bookmakers to add on a sportsbook with the increase in their bankroll.

All the recommended sites offer decent betting rates for Cricket. The promotions and bonuses could differ from the site-to-site although the players can always have more options to choose from before deciding on the bonuses that fit their gambling needs. It’s advisable to always recheck the reasons for betting on specific lines as there are experienced bettors in the competitive market who contribute to efficient betting lines.

Online Cricket Betting Bookmaker Selection

The online betting sites on the recommended list cover both big and smaller cricket leagues and events. Players can find information and reviews on sites featuring the Indian Premier League, Bangladesh Premier League, KFC BigBash, England NatWest T20 Blast League, South Africa Ram Slam T20 League, Pakistan Super League, Caribbean Premier League and the ICC Cricket World Cup. Some smaller sites may offer the win or loss bets while there are the bigger sites that offer as many as a hundred different types of bets for the bigger matches. Players can also find live betting options on the top cricket betting sites for many bettors cherish placing bets in the course of watching the matches. This gives them more options to view the changing dynamics of the game and accordingly place their bets.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Good Online Cricket Betting Site

The professional team at OnlineCasinoOnlineSlots conducts a complete market study to bring out the exhaustive list of dependable cricket betting sites. The review is done based on a plethora of parameters that qualify these sportsbooks as the top sites for online cricket betting. These include the site’s trustworthiness, bonuses and promotional offers that they offer, the betting odds and selection, the software powering the betting platform, payment and withdrawal options and customer support extended to players. Every parameter is rated as per the latest updates on their sites. Bettors have different needs and tastes when it comes to gambling and the different rating can enable quick and easy selection of the bookmaker that best fits the player’s personal preferences.

Indian Cricket Betting Apps We Trust. And Use.

Now you know the various factors you need to consider while choosing a good online cricket betting website. But among the hundreds of cricket betting sites in India, you’re sure to be overwhelmed by the options. So Online Casino Online Slots India has done the legwork for you. We’ve searched through hundreds of cricket betting sites to find the ones that are best for you. We got to the bottom of their licences and combed through all of their terms and conditions. However, since most Indians like to place cricket bets on their smartphones, we put a major focus on availability and performance of cricket betting apps. Here are our findings.

1. Betway

Betway is a global bookmaker who has brought its broad selection of games and sports betting options to the Indian market. It’s a great app for beginners thanks to its user-friendly platform. You’ll find all the niche sports including, of course, cricket betting with customized betting options.

Online Cricket Betting

The Betway app makes withdrawals and deposits incredibly easy, resolving one of the biggest pain points of Indian cricket bettors. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android and offers a host of other features that make it extremely convenient for placing live cricket bets.

2. Bet365

Bet365 has made a name for itself in both the global and domestic online cricket betting industry. It’s a betting site you can trust to have a good time during and after the games. The website also offers lucrative bonuses and promotional offers to all its players.

Online Cricket Betting

Bet365 has an app-like mobile website that is highly responsive. With such a unique way to access cricket betting on mobile, Bet365 combines the highlights of both cricket betting apps and mobile-friendly websites into one. You also get multiple features like “Cash Out”, Bet Builder”, and “Edit Bet”.

3. Unibet

Unibet is another one of the most popular sports betting sites in the world. It has a massive, ever-expanding portfolio of sports and games. Even in cricket, it continuously covers more tournaments and game modes.

Online Cricket Betting

After you’ve signed up to the website and made your first deposit, you can download the Unibet mobile app straight to your mobile device. It promises unique features, superior user experience, speed, reliability, and an unmatched level of convenience. If you’re interested, you can even download Unibet’s other apps, namely casino app, poker app, and the lottery app.

4. LeoVegas

If you’re exclusively looking for an incredible mobile cricket betting experience, LeoVegas is your destination. Though it has an impressive website that offers a vast range of games and sports betting options, its main focus is on providing an unmatched mobile experience.

Online Cricket Betting

It has an award-winning interface that presents simple menus and navigable interface so you can find your cricket match instantly. The app is also compact and lightweight compared to other cricket betting apps, taking less space on your smartphone and demanding fewer resources. This also means that the app has a quick loading time, allowing you to switch between streaming and betting seamlessly.

5. 888Sport

888Sport is an international sportsbook based in Gibraltar and licensed in the UK, Malta, and multiple other European jurisdictions. Thus, it’s one of the most reliable cricket betting sites in India. Apart from cricket, it also lets users place bets on more than 40 different sports.

Online Cricket Betting

888Sport has a well-thought-out and well-designed app that makes placing bets simple no matter which sport you’re betting on. You can also instantly switch to your mobile device by downloading the app through a link and scanning a QR code on the 888Sport website.

6. Dafabet

If you want to play with a casino closer to home, Dafabet is your best bet. It’s one of the top betting sites in Asia and offers top-of-the-class experience in both sports betting and online casino. It has the most detailed website that’ll answer all your queries. The website has a 24/7 live chat and a number you can call to reach out to for help.

Online Cricket Betting

Dafabet is one of the few cricket betting sites that offer both a dedicated mobile website and an app. It even has separate apps for online casino, online poker, and online sports betting. You can download all three apps and visit the mobile site through QR codes posted on the main website.

Licenses And Certifications Of Best Online Cricket Betting Site

OnlineCasinoOnlineSlots makes sure that every site featured on their database is completely licensed and regulated by the legal bodies so that players only get to gamble within a secure environment. Only cricket betting sites that adhere to the governing rules and regulations and follow healthy practices such as reinforcing privacy, the security of players at their site top the best site charts. Sites are also rated based on how efficiently they promote responsible gambling at their sites and prevent underage gambling in all forms.

Safety Of Transactions At Online Cricket Betting Sites

With only the best on the list of recommended online Cricket betting websites, players can be assured of safe and secure ways of funding their bets. From credit card, debit card, e-wallets, bank transfer to the pay-by-phone bill, every payment gateway featured at the top betting sites are reliable and easy-to-use. Players can stake as much as they desire on their choicest Cricket teams and players via any of the convenient deposit methods and simultaneously withdraw their winnings smoothly with the prompt withdrawal services. However, when it comes to withdrawals players credentials are usually checked for, at least for the first time to ensure that the winnings are claimed by the winners only. Each of these listed betting sites offer safety by verifying the player’s account before processing deposits or withdrawal of any money.

Tournaments You Can Bet On

The most thrilling aspect of online cricket betting is the ability to bet on a cricket match as you’re watching it. Thus, online cricket betting sites cover all the major cricket tournaments across the world. You’ll be able to bet on matches held in popular tournaments like ICC events, T20 leagues, and even domestic competitions held in India. Following is a list of some of the tournaments you’ll be excited to bet on.

  • ICC Cricket World Cup – It’s an international championship of ODI cricket held every four years. ICC World Cup is one of the most viewed sporting events in the world.
  • ICC T20 World Cup – Another international championship hosted by the ICC, this tournament has 16 teams competing in the Twenty20 format. It’s also held once every four years.
  • ICC Champions Trophy – Often dubbed as the mini-World Cup, the ICC Champions Trophy is another ODI cricket tournament held every four years. However, this tournament has fewer teams participating and is played over a shorter period.
  • Indian Premier League – IPL is arguably the most popular T20 league in the world. From its first instalment, it has earned great success and a massive following. It’s played by 8 teams formed from popular cities across India, though players are selected from all over the world. IPL is usually organized every year in April.
  • Bangladesh Premier League – This tournament was launched in 2012 and was modelled after the IPL. This tournament is also popular among cricket fans around the globe. It’s organized every year in November.
  • England NatWest T20 Blast League – England’s primary domestic T20 competition, the Friends Life T20, was taken over by this league in 2014. It has two divisions of 9 teams each and is played every year in the month of July. This tournament attracts a sizeable audience despite being less popular than its counterparts.
  • Pakistan Premier League – Just like India, Pakistan loves cricket. And so the Pakistan Premier League was launched in 2016. It’s held in the month of November every year.
  • Ranji Trophy – This is a domestic first-class cricket championship played in India. Currently, the competition consists of 37 teams that represent regional and state cricket associations. It is administered by the BCCI.
  • Duleep Trophy – The Duleep Trophy is yet another domestic first-class cricket competition held in India. It’s played by teams chosen by BCCI selectors.
  • Vijay Hazare Trophy – Another domestic competition is the Vijay Hazare Trophy that was started in 2002. It’s a limited-overs cricket tournament and is also called as the Ranji One-Day Trophy. It’s played by the state teams from the Ranji Trophy plates.

Online Cricket Betting On Mobile

Just like players can access casino games on mobile devices, cricket betting can also be enjoyed on the go. The advanced software, impeccable audio-visuals and optimized performance available on flawless platforms make online cricket betting a reality for players who want to bet from anywhere and anytime. Compatibility of software on all major Operating Systems assures players of a spectacular gambling experience on smartphones and tablets via the web browsers itself. For those who like to install it on their handy device, the top sites reviewed and ranked at OnlineCasinoOnlineSlots feature special apps that can be downloaded from the PlayStore or respective betting sites.

For further details on developing an appropriate online betting strategy and popular cricket bets, players can read the articles and blogs at OnlineCasinoOnlineSlots.

FAQs On Cricket Betting

1. Is Online Cricket Betting In India Legal?

The debate over the legality of online cricket betting in India has been going on for a long time. Currently, there are no laws that address online cricket betting, and hence, no laws that specify it as legal or illegal. However, as India becomes more progressive, it’s clear that online cricket betting will become legal fairly soon. Check some more games like Andar BaharTeen Patti and more from our homepage.

2. Which Cricket Games Can I Bet On?

You’ll find plenty of games to place your bet on. Most online cricket betting sites cover various sports competitions like ICC events that include ICC Cricket World Cup and ICC Cricket Champions Trophy. You can even bet on T20 leagues like Indian Premier League, and the Big Bash League. Finally, domestic competitions like Ranj Trophy and Duleep Trophy are also available to be bet on.

3. How Are The Cricket Betting Odds Determined?

Online sportsbooks display the odds in front of the game names. By considering the probability of each of the team winning and adding their own profit margin, they set the betting odds. These odds can be shown using words (Home, Away) or numbers (1,2).

4. Why Do Cricket Betting Odds Change?

Just like you, the bookmaker’s goal is to decrease their losses and increase their winnings. If too many bettors wager on one team, the bookmaker is highly likely to lose money. Thus, they constantly change betting odds to create an even field for themselves.

5. What Is The Difference Between Rates And Odds?

Cricket betting rates and odds are the same things. You can use whichever one you prefer.

6. Are Cricket Betting Sites Trustworthy?

Cricket betting sites undergo various regulatory and auditory tests only after which they are given licences to operate. However, even licensed websites can be ill-intending. If you want the most trustworthy cricket betting sites, check out our list.

7. Can I Get Bonuses On Online Cricket Betting?

Yes, online cricket betting sites offer various bonuses and promotional offers to both new and existing players. You can take advantage of them to increase your bankroll and play for longer periods.

8. How Much Bankroll Do I Need To Start Betting?

As the player, you should be in control of your bankroll. You should only bet with an amount you’re comfortable losing. You can take any size of bankroll with you while betting on online cricket.

9. What’s The Correct Bet Size?

There’s no correct bet size and you should bet based on your conditions. However, the ideal size is 1 to 2% of your bankroll.

10. Who Are The Previous Winners Of The ICC Cricket World Cups?

  • 2019 – England
  • 2015 – Australia
  • 2011 – India
  • 2007 – Australia
  • 2003 – Australia
  • 1999 – Australia
  • 1996 – Sri Lanka
  • 1992 – Pakistan
  • 1987 – Australia
  • 1983 – India
  • 1979 – West Indies
  • 1975 – West Indies

11. Can I Place Bets On My Mobile Device?

Yes, most Indian cricket betting sites have optimized websites or special apps to place cricket bets on your mobile device. Just make sure to check your device compatibility beforehand.

12. Where Can I Get Accurate Cricket Betting Tips?

Cricket betting tips are never 100% predictable. If you find a website that claims to predict the outcome of a toss, they’re lying. However, the team with the higher probability of winning can be determined using various factors. You can find cricket betting tips on many sites, but know that you can only depend so much on them.

13. Do I Need To Deposit Funds Into My Betting Account Before Betting?

Online cricket betting sites in India don’t allow betting on credit. Thus, it’s mandatory to make a deposit into your account before you can start betting. For this purpose, you can use your debit or credit cards. Most sites will accept recognized cards like Visa and MasterCard. If these methods fail, you can use e-wallets. They’re the most reliable way to make deposits in India.

14. Can I Use Prepaid Cards To Make Deposits?

Yes, apart from e-wallets, prepaid cards are an effective way to make reliable deposits. They’re just like credit cards and are issued by bank holding companies. You just need to load money on the card and then use it as a credit card while making the deposit.

15. How Can I Use E-Wallets To Fund My Account?

In India, e-wallets are undoubtedly the best methods to deposit money to your cricket betting account. There are many, and you can choose from popular ones like Paypal, Skrill, and Neteller. To use this method, you’ll need to create an account with the e-wallet service. You can do this by clicking the “Sign Up” button and providing all the required details. Finally, top up your e-wallet account using your credit or debit card and use it to transfer money to the cricket betting site.

16. Which Documents Are Required For Verification?

If you withdraw your winnings from the cricket betting site, you’ll have to undergo the verification process. Different websites may request different documents but common verification documents include a passport or driver’s license, PAN card, and a utility bill that has your address on it. You’ll also have to provide a bank statement. Note that you only need to undergo this process once. is an information only site and we will not ask you for money. Our information is just for fun and are not a form of gambling and we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information available on our site. takes no responsibility for actions performed by it’s users outside of or on the sites of any of it’s advertised partners. does not condone gambling in any way. is not in any way associated with the IPL, BCCI, ISL, nor with the FSDL. is a Malta-based business and does not operate, facilitate or condone any real money gambling transactions.

We earn our revenue from advertising and some of these adverts might be related to gambling, however, we do not endorse or condone gambling. Be aware that gambling laws vary between states and territories. Please check your local laws before engaging in any real money gambling. You should always check your local laws before performing real money gambling. In India laws vary from state to state and again we ask users to refer to their local laws before gambling with real money.

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