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Jhandi Munda Online

Popular table games like Blackjack and Poker certainly deserve the credit of changing the gambling landscape in the entire world, including here in India. But this doesn’t mean they’re the only sources of entertainment for Indian gamblers. Long before these games made their way into the Indian gambling scene, local gamblers knew very well how to keep themselves entertained.

They played simple but exciting games like Jhandi Munda, Andar Bahar and Teen Patti which are popular street games in the north-east part of India. It was played by teenagers, youths, middle-aged people, and even elders, making it a game that brought entire communities together for some light-hearted fun and entertainment. The game was a major part of people’s lives and culture as it fostered and sustained the community spirit in isolated mountain villages.

“All you need are six Jhandi Munda dice, a flat surface, and your friends; you can start playing indoors, outdoors, or anywhere else you damn well please.”

Jhandi Munda originated in Arunachal Pradesh sometime in the 18th century. It became popular due to the ease with which it can be played. All you need are six Jhandi Munda dice, a flat surface, and your friends; you can start playing indoors, outdoors, or anywhere else you damn well please.

Jhandi Munda is known by several other names in different regions: Langur Burja in Nepal, Bhutan and Crown and Anchor in many other parts of the world.


And yes, Jhandi Munda is so popular among those who play it that it’s played in many parts of the world. In fact, even today, it’s a staple form of entertainment in many villages in India. And those who can’t play in person have found other ways to play Jhandi Munda, namely on online casino websites. These sites become the new gathering places for Jhandi Munda lovers everywhere thanks to their convenience, bonuses, and features. If you want to try this entertaining game for yourself, your best bet is to check out some Indian online casinos as well.

Is Online Jhandi Munda Worth It?

“Is online Jhandi Munda worth it?”, most people new to online gambling ask the same question. However, a few hours of playtime will make it evident that online Jhandi Munda is more than “worth it”; it’s the best way to play this age-old game today. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home when you want to play a couple of games of Jhandi Munda, rather you can switch on your computer and start playing within seconds.

Jhandi Munda is supposed to be a recreational game, which means you shouldn’t have to dedicate your time to play it. Online Jhandi Munda lets you play it whenever you want, wherever you want. You can get a game in between your chores or entertain yourself while on your way to work.

Apart from these, online Jhandi Munda also has several advantages over its street-dwelling version:

  • Free Play – If you’re new to Jhandi Munda, you’ll want to get used to its rules and the way it’s played in online casinos. Many online casinos let you play a few demo games before you play for real money. You can use this time to learn about the game through experience. On the other hand, if you ask to play Jhandi Munda on the streets for free, you’re very likely to get chased off by people wielding slippers.
  • Multiple Tables – Sometimes, playing a single of Jhandi Munda is just not enough. Which is why online casinos let you play at multiple Jhandi Munda tables at once. On the contrary, you have to bet on only one Jhandi Munda game when you’re playing on the streets.
  • Interaction – Jhandi Munda is a community game where you can chat while you play with your fellow players. Online Jhandi Munda only enhances this community feeling by letting you interact with new players every time you play. Your game will also be managed by a professional dealer who will keep things entertaining.
  • Convenience – Online casino let you play on any device you want — desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile. This means you can play in the comfort of your home, and that you can switch between your devices for any number of reasons.
  • Bonuses and Payouts – The Jhandi Munda that’s played on the streets offers the bare minimum to its players. On the other hand, you’ll find that online casinos generally offer better payouts. Additionally, they offer several bonuses the player can use to increase their bankroll and play for longer.

Rules of Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda is a simple dice game that’s played with six, six-sided dice. However, the dice aren’t exactly similar to the ones that you’re familiar with. Instead of six numbers on the six faces, the Jhandi Munda dice have six symbols on its faces: Diamond, Heart, Spade, Club, a Face, and a Flag.

Main Objective: Your main objective in Jhandi Munda is to correctly predict the symbol which most dice will have face up in a roll of all the six dice in a game round.

Your payout depends on the number of dice that have your symbols in a round. Usually, your payout is a multiple of the number of dice that have your chosen symbol. The number of dice having your symbol are called as the number of Jhandi; for example, one dice having your symbol is called 1 Jhandi while three dice mean 3 Jhandi. For your final payout, your bet amount is added to your win amount. Here’s a table demonstrating the same.


Bet Amount Number of Dice with the chosen symbol Name of outcome Win Amount Total Payout
₹100 1 1 Jhandi ₹100 ₹200
₹100 2 2 Jhandi ₹200 ₹300
₹100 3 3 Jhandi ₹300 ₹400
₹100 4 4 Jhandi ₹400 ₹500
₹100 5 5 Jhandi ₹500 ₹600
₹100 6 6 Jhandi ₹600 ₹700


How to Play Jhandi Munda Online

Recognizing the popularity of this game, many online casinos these days offer Jhandi Munda to their players. However, players, especially new ones, should be careful as to where they’re playing online Jhandi Munda. Not all online casinos have your entertainment in their interests. So you need to compare various aspects like licences, game collections, bonuses, features, trustworthiness, device support, and payment options. Once you’ve found a good online casino, you can play two ways — online Jhandi Munda vs live Jhandi Munda.

  • Online Jhandi Munda

In the online version of Jhandi Munda, you play against a computer. This computer is programmed with the software that emulates the game but uses random number generators to decide the outcomes of each of the six dice. In these games, the rounds tend to be faster as the computer can perform all necessary functions with lightning speed.

  • Live Jhandi Munda

In Live Jhandi Munda, you’ll be participating in a Jhandi Munda game that’s actually being played in a studio. You’ll tune in to the stream and watch and place bets as the action unfolds. Your bets will be placed and your payouts rewarded in real-time, automatically. You needn’t worry about the video and audio quality either, as you’ll be able to watch and listen to every move of every dice in HD quality. Live Jhandi Munda also lets you chat with fellow players and the croupier, who will try their best to keep the game entertaining.

Online Variants of Jhandi Munda

There are two ways you can play online Jhandi Munda. These variants don’t differ much from each other. In fact, the only thing they differ from each other is in the payout structure. In one variant, your payouts are handed out to your in the form specified above; the more the correct dice predictions, the higher the payout. The second variant, however, pays out an even 3.4x your bet amount no matter how many correct predictions you make, as long as you made one.

There is a reason why these two variants don’t have separate names, though. It’s because both of them have the same RTP at 97.14%. Upon calculation, you can clearly see that even in the original variant, the payout averages out to 3.4x. From your point of view, there is essentially no difference between the two variants of online Jhandi Munda, and the one you play depends entirely on your preference. If you are indeed partial to one of the variants, you should read the terms and conditions of the game you’re about to play and make sure it’ll pay you the way you prefer.

Strategies for Online Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda is mostly a game of luck. In a perfect world, all dice rolls are completely random and none of the outcomes has any effect on the others. However, experienced Jhandi Munda players have devised several strategies to make the most out of their games. In addition, even the online casinos help you while playing online Jhandi Munda. Here’s how:

  • Hot Numbers and Cold Numbers

Since the dice are mass-produced in factories, more often than not, they have some or the other form of bias. This results in them coming up with some numbers noticeably more times than others. You can take advantage of these biases and observe numbers that are more (or less) likely to turn up than others. Once you’ve noted down a set of hot and cold numbers — numbers that are more likely and less likely to turn up — you can make better bets and win more in the process.

  • Betting Limits

Online casinos have betting limits you can use to limit your losses. You can set a limit on the maximum loss you’re prepared to face in a session or a month, or a limit on the maximum deposit you can make in a session. These limits will help you stay on track even if you lose track of your bankroll.

  • Bonuses

Attractive bonuses are a major plus point when it comes to online casinos. They offer all types of bonuses to both new and loyal players, from welcome packages and deposit bonuses to cash back bonuses and VIP promotions.

Is Online Jhandi Munda Legal in India?

The legality of both land-based and online casinos in India is quite complex. Each of the 29 states in India has been granted the right to make laws regarding online gambling in India including offline/online lottery. Add to it the complexity created by the various religions, cultures, and beliefs harboured by the Indian populace and it’s almost impossible to draw a clear conclusion on the state of online gambling in India.

The law that comes closest to affecting online gambling in India is the Public Gambling Act of 1867. It deems running or being in charge of a public gambling house illegal. But online gambling saw the light of day in India only in the 1970s, raising the question whether it affects Online Jhandi Munda at all. Additionally, the powers over gambling have shifted into the states’ hands since then. While Maharashtra has completely banned online gambling and Sikkim is inviting online casino brands and lotteries to its state, most other states have not taken a stance in this regard. Thus, we can safely conclude that it’s safe to play online Jhandi Munda in India.

Conclusion – Play Jhandi Munda Online

The game of Jhandi Munda originated on the streets of India where people of different communities came together to have an entertaining time. Since then, the streets have changed due to modernisation, pollution, heat, and noise, but the game itself remains just as entertaining and popular. Thanks to online casinos, many more people can enjoy this entertaining game and enjoy the simple thrills that come with Jhandi Munda.

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