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Indian lottery enthusiasts can now experience the best of traditional Indian lottery games and international lotteries from their choicest devices; thanks to Online Casino Online Slots India! Regardless of the states from which players wish to access online lottery in any online casino India, we compile all significant information required by players to ensure that they engage in safe and secure places. All the websites that you come across on this site play the role of acclaimed online lottery agents that allow Indians to enjoy thrilling sessions of gambling on lotteries from around the world. With cutting-edge round the clock customer service facilities, certificate of trust, reliable deposit and withdrawal options, an extensive lobby of popular lottery titles and regular bonuses and promos, these reviewed sites featured here make for the ultimate lottery destination for Indian players. Check out the authentic individual reviews of lottery sites before registering on a top-notch destination!

Online Lottery In India

For online casino India players new to the online lottery, it’s essential to know that although there are a few restrictions imposed on gambling and related activities in India, the authority to regulate lotteries and gambling in general rests with the federal states. There are a few states where people are allowed to participate in lottery games online under their jurisdiction. These states ensure that the draws are fair and comply with the standard gaming rules. Among the Indian states that allow players to engage in lottery online as well as at land established casinos offering lottery games are Goa, Punjab and Sikkim.

Online Lottery In India

The Supreme Court of India gave the states the power to ban lottery sales. At that time, 13 of the states created clear guidelines for lottery operations in their respective states to regulate the practice of offline lotteries in a way beneficial to both the state and the citizens. The 13 states are:

  1. Arunachal Pradesh
  2. Assam
  3. Goa
  4. Kerala
  5. Madhya Pradesh
  6. Maharashtra
  7. Manipur
  8. Meghalaya
  9. Mizoram
  10. Nagaland
  11. Punjab
  12. Sikkim
  13. West Bengal

Speaking of online lottery in India, they are designed on lottery software. This software allows players to choose random lottery numbers. The winners are then decided based on random selection.

Indian players can play online lottery games of international quality that offer big payouts including jackpot winning opportunities. We, at Online Casino Online Slots, provide the lottery aficionados with the chance to indulge in a variety of lottery games fearlessly via trustworthy reviews. Players can read about the lottery and casino operators before signing up and purchasing a lottery ticket. A multitude of casinos and lottery sites on our website allow Indian players to register at their site from India. The list featured by us recommends the best places to play lottery games. Every listed lottery agent one our website ensures a fantastic range of lottery games, fast payouts and reliable payment modes.

Playing In International Online Lottery Brands From India

International casino brands that extend their lottery lobby to Indian players are trustworthy and mostly licensed and regulated in reliable jurisdictions like Ireland, Gibraltar and the UK. Players can stake Indian rupees to play online lottery at such sites fearlessly and claim winnings in INR regardless of how big the reward is. If you’re interested in reaping such massive prizes, you should consider participating in international lotteries that are available online. You can make use of any of the lottery agents listed at the top of this page to find and take part in international lotteries. We’ve curated this list just for players like you.

Advantages Of Playing At International Lottery Sites

As you already know, there are several lotteries in India you can participate in — both online and offline. However, if you’re a big fish in the lake that doesn’t like small prey, you can always go for international lotteries. Participating in these lotteries through our trusted lottery agent websites increases your potential win amounts exponentially and gives you new venues to bet in.

Here are the well-known international lotteries around the world — both online and offline.

  • US – Powerball
  • France – EuroMillions and My Million Raffle
  • U.K. – EuroMillions and UK Millionaire Maker
  • Austria – EuroMillions
  • Italy – SuperEnalotto
  • Hungary – Otoslotto
  • Europe – EuroJackpot
  • Spain – La Primitiva
  • California – SuperLotto Plus
  • US – Mega Millions
  • Canada – Lotto 649
  • Spain – El Gordo
  • New Zealand – Powerball
  • Australia – Powerball Lotto
  • Austria – Lotto
  • Oregon – Megabucks
  • Mexico – Melate
  • Ireland – Lotto
  • New York – Cash4Life
  • Australia – Oz Lotto
  • France – Loto
  • Spain – EuroMillions
  • Italy – Lottomatica
  • Switzerland – Lotto
  • New Jersey – Pick 6 XTRA
  • Brazil – Quina
  • New York – Lotto
  • Australia – Monday Lotto
  • South Africa – Lotto
  • Brazil – Mega Sena
  • Germany – Lotto
  • Poland – Lotto
  • Australia – Saturday Lotto
  • Spain – BonoLoto
  • South Africa – Powerball
  • Australia – Wednesday Lotto
  • UK – Thunderball
  • Romania – Lotto 6/49
  • Ukraine – Super Loto
  • New York – Take 5
  • Russia – Gosloto 6/45
  • Mexico – Melate Retro
  • Ukraine – Megalot
  • California – Fantasy 5
  • Hungary – Hatoslotto
  • New Jersey – Cash 5

Though you can participate in all of these international lotteries online, there are a few that accept players from around the globe through online ticket sales. In some ways, playing at online lottery sites outside India is a better alternative.

Prize amount

Most of the Indian lotteries are in the range of 10 to 100 lakhs. While this amount is quite significant in itself, international lotteries will knock your expectations out of the park with lotteries extending to 280 to 1490 crores.

Game selection

Indian lottery sites cover the local lotteries and so have relatively fewer game selections. International sites, on the other hand, may host more than 50 lotteries at a time.


It’s important that you give your money only to licensed and trusted websites. Therefore, Online Casino Online Slots has compiled a list of the most trustworthy international websites so you can let your hair down while betting. Regardless of where you choose your lottery site, international websites are licensed under strict laws and regulations to keep players like you safe.

Fast withdrawals

Even though they’re international, the top websites often take less time to process withdrawals than Indian lottery websites.

Customer support

International lottery sites target players from all across the world, which is why they also offer much bigger bonuses and promotions. And to maintain their international reputation, they deliver the best customer support.

Some Well-Known International Online Lotteries

As we’ve concluded that international lotteries have various advantages over local ones, let’s list a few popular international online lotteries.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions

Played across 46 states, Mega Millions is one of the biggest lotteries in the United States. It’s drawn on Tuesday and Friday nights and the minimum jackpot is high as US$40 million, which is ₹280 crores. In order to win the Mega Millions jackpot, you need to match five numbers from 1 to 70 along with the Mega Ball (which is from 1 to 25). This lottery has nine prize tiers so you have many chances to win. If nobody gets the numbers right, the humongous jackpot is rolled over to the next drawing.

After opening an account at any of the lottery agent websites we’ve reviewed, you can simply log in and select your five lottery numbers and the Mega Ball number. You can also add a Megaplier to your lottery to multiply any non-jackpot winnings by the Megaplier number drawn.



Powerball is another international lottery which matches the Mega Millions in both volume and popularity. It’s played across 44 of the states in the United States and is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday night. Similar to the Mega Millions lottery, the Powerball lottery starts from ₹280 crores.

In order to participate in the Powerball lottery from India, log on to a trusted website on the top of this page and select Powerball. Then, select five numbers from 1 to 69 and a Powerball number between 1 and 26. You can add the “Power Play” multiplier for a small fee to increase your non-jackpot winnings. Your selections will be considered a win if you match all five numbers and the Powerball number. If, however, you miss the jackpot prize, you stand a chance of winning one of the eight second-tier prizes.

Euro Millions

Euro Millions

You can similarly lucrative lotteries in Europe as well, one of the biggest being EuroMillions. Launched in 2004, this lottery is popular throughout the continent and is drawn on Tuesday and Friday nights. The minimum value of the jackpot is 17 million euros, that is 130 crores. However, in some cases, multiple jackpots can roll over and compound to a value as high as 190 million euros, which comes to 14500 crores.

After logging in to your preferred website from Online Casino Online Slots, you need to choose five numbers from 1 to 50 and two Lucky Star numbers from 1 to 12. All your five main numbers and the two Lucky Star numbers must match the drawn numbers to constitute a win. Additionally, EuroMillions has 13 prize tiers given out to players who match two or more main numbers.

UK Lotto

UK Lotto

Started way back in 1994, UK Lotto is a major lottery game in the United States. It’s drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays and has a considerably big jackpot. If you’re interested in playing it, scroll to the top of this page and select one from our trusted and reviewed lottery agents. Then, once you’ve created an account, you need to match six main numbers from 1 to 59 on the online portal if you want to win this massive jackpot. Additionally, you have to match the Bonus Ball number from the 53 numbers left. However, if you don’t, there are six other ways you can win fixed prize amounts.

A Variety Of Online Lottery Games At Online Casino India

At any of Online Casino Online Slots’ suggested sites that lottery enthusiasts land into, they can handpick from an array of games. There are giant lottery games that offer splendid rewards and there are other lottery games in the form of scratch cards, instant-win games, keno, bingo and more. At some of the top-sites, players can explore the possibility of immersive live dealer lottery games as well. Such top rated sites make exclusive live lottery facilities available where players can interact with the dealer via the HD live-streamed video and experience real-time gambling.

The featured casino and online lottery sites are world-class platforms when it comes to usability. Hosting a cutting-edge platform with an interface that’s easy to use, players can engage in optimised lottery games from their comfort nests and also when on the move. There’s no need to queue up for lottery tickets as these sites give you options of buying the choicest tickets anywhere, anytime. Players can check out the mobile-friendly lottery games on the enlisted top lottery sites and start playing instantly from their smartphones, tablets or laptops. The best software providers that support their lottery niche ensure seamless gameplay where players don’t even have to download any game; simply using the device web browsers can enable them to play for as long as they wish. Players who want to download lottery games can install specific apps provided by the premium lottery sites.

How Do Online Lottery Games Work?

When it comes to playing the lottery games, it’s significant to understand how it operates. Lottery in India is not a new concept and has existed since ages in various forms. It’s the technological advancement and online gambling arenas that have made lottery games conveniently accessible on the internet platform. With complete information available on our site, players can play anything from regional lotteries to lottery games on the international platform. The national-level lotteries in India are mostly designed by the state directly. At online casinos in states such as Goa and Sikkim, players can access the lottery as the casinos have a license from the government or the appropriate authority that organizes the lottery draws.

In most cases, half of the revenue collected by selling lottery tickets is reserved as prize fund to be given away to the winners while a chunk of the other half is donated for a good cause such as funding educational institutes, charities and other such organizations. At all the top gambling and lottery sites reviewed by us, players can play with INR by using and make their online lottery ticket purchases using any of the reliable payment methods at the featured sites. From E-wallet payments, bank transfer to debit and credit card payments, you can fund your lottery purchases hassle-free.

Lottery prizes have a principle jackpot prize that’s usually a progressive one and other prizes. In case, no one bags the jackpot prize in one draw, the amount will still be added to the following draw prize. This process continues until there’s a clear winner of the jackpot.

Lottery Formats In India

Players scouting for popular lottery games can find good lottery site suggestions by simply clicking the “Play Now” button attached to our reviewed websites. Typically, a player who purchases a lottery ticket gets to choose the numbers that he wants to wager on. When the draw takes place, the players have to check whether the numbers they placed their bets on have been drawn or not. Among the common lottery game formats, some draw 6 out of 49, others that draw 7 out of 49 and one can also find games that allow 5 out of 35 as a combination.

So, this is how it works. In a lottery where 7 out of 49 is the format, the winner of the largest jackpot happens to be the player who manages to correctly guess all the 7 numbers when the draw takes place. In case no one matches the jackpot, the top prize is not awarded. Players who select numbers 5 and 6 also win a prize amount each. There is some interesting math behind lottery numbers and the prizes which interested players can read online.

There are instant lotteries powered by the top-notch software providers at sites which enable players to either draw from real lotteries or software-based ones. In the software-based lotteries, an algorithm is used to generate the draw. Every draw is assured of randomness offering equal winning opportunities of winning to online players. The advantage of playing at top sites that are reviewed by us is that players can be assured of selecting only fair games that are audited by independent organizations to make sure that the wins are based on chance and luck.

How To Play Online Lottery?

Recommended lottery sites make it easier for players to get started instantly without having to do much research as we, at Online Casino Online Slots IN do it all for them. Just hover your mouse pointer over any of lottery agent websites listed at the top of this page and click the “Play Now” button. You’ll be taken directly to the lottery agent’s website. With top sites, players can simply register at an online casino that offers lottery games, log in to their website and handpick the tickets they want. If you’re interested in learning more about them, you can click on the “Review” button as well and read our extensive reviews of lottery agents. These tickets can be purchased for one or multiple draws at a time. Once the player chooses the ticket arrangement he can make the payment to the site with a reliable payment gateway to buy it and start playing. For purchase in India, players can check out the extensive payment modes available on the respective sites featured on our site.

Indian players can try out specialized lottery sites that offer a plethora of lotteries on a single cutting-edge gambling niche. In such cases, players don’t have to hop across multiple sites or open too many accounts making it difficult to keep a track of. Just one account can facilitate players to enjoy lottery games from the UK, Europe, the US and other places. Some sites also offer discounts on additional ticket purchase. For such lucrative offers on online lottery tickets, players can check out the best international lottery sites open to Indian players.

When you click on one of the recommended lottery websites on our list, you’ll be taken to the casino’s webpage. There you can simply sign up to the website since we’ve researched everything for you. However, you can also choose to review the website yourself.

If you decide to simply sign up, first go to the different payment and withdrawal options offered by the casino. Once you find a transaction method you’re comfortable with, click on the “Register Now” button and fill in your information. Keep the necessary details like name, age, and phone number handy. Before starting to play, you need to make a deposit to your online casino account. You can use common, trusted methods like Visa or MasterCard, or with an e-Wallet like Skrill or Neteller. While signing up, remember to take advantage of the profitable bonuses and promotions offered by the casino. Finally, choose a game from the casino’s library and have fun!

Grab Latest Bonuses And Deals In Online Lottery

For players looking for more information on how to enhance winnings on lottery games, there is more to just buying lottery tickets. Casinos reviewed as top-notch for Indian players offer a host of bonuses including welcome bonus to new players joining their network. Players can find as much as a 100% match deposit at gambling sites and claim rewards before even playing the lottery games. Frequent players at a highly-ranked site also have the advantage of enjoying the perks of loyalty bonuses and other special deals. You may also find some casinos that give away free lottery tickets to players and it’s only at Online Casino Online Slots that you can find up-to-date details on latest lotteries.

Some lotteries also come with bonus draw packages where players have the chance to pick from two bonus numbers. In such situations, extra balls are drawn for bonus numbers and those who have the same numbers matching the two numbers drawn receive a bonus prize over and above the regular amount. Find various lottery formats in India at top sites now!

 List Of Lotteries In India

If you want to play lottery games in India, you have several options to do so. Although gambling in India is restricted, the control over lottery legislation rests in the hands of the individual states. And some states allow players to play in person and through online lotteries. Here are the most popular online and offline Indian lotteries worth trying.

Playwin Lottery

The Playwin lottery was started by the Sikkim government in 2001 and is the biggest lottery company in India. Playwin was also one of the first adopters of online ticket sales. You can participate in this lottery if you’re at least 18 years old and live in either Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, West Bengal, Goa, or Maharashtra. To participate in it, you need to either buy a ticket online from one of our recommended lottery agents or go to your nearest retailer. If you play the lottery with Playwin, you’re bound to be surprised and entertained from time to time with fun daily and weekly draws. Playwin has been known to provide some of the biggest lottery prizes in Indian history. It hosts five lotteries.

Thunderball –

It has seven prize tiers and a minimum first prize of 1 crore.

Jaldi 5 Double –

It requires players to match up to five numbers and first prize is 1 crore.

Thursday Super Lotto –

This amazing lottery starts the first prize at 2 crores.

Jaldi 5 –

It has the same prize structure as Jaldi 5 Double but with doubled odds and halved prizes.

Saturday Super Lotto –

Similar to Thursday Super Lotto but with slightly different games and prize pools.

Kerala Lotteries

The Lottery Department of the Kerala started its Kerala State Lottery when the private lotteries were outlawed in 1967. Bring one of the first lotteries of its kind, this lottery paved the path for many other lotteries to come. Kerala lotteries offer seven weekly draws once per day and each of the lotteries has its own prize structure.

Win-Win –

Its first prize is 65 lakh and announces winners for the first, second, and third prize every Monday.

Akshaya –

It’s first prize is 60 lakh and winners are announced for three prize levels every Wednesday.

Sthree Sakthi –

Its first prize is 60 lakh and announces winners for first to eighth prize every Tuesday.

Karunya Plus –

Its first prize is 80 lakh and announces winners for the first, second, and third prize every Thursday.

Nirmal Weekly –

It’s first prize is 60 lakh and announces winners for first to seventh prizes every Friday.

Karunya –

It’s similar to Karunya Plus except it’s announced only on Thursdays.

Pournami –

This one has a prize of 70 lakhs and is drawn every Sunday.

Apart from the weekly lotteries, Kerala State Lottery also arranges Bumper lotteries that throughout the year. These lotteries are much more lucrative and, therefore, exciting. Here are the details.


Name Drawn in First Prize
Christmas New Year Bumper Lottery January 6 crore
Summer Bumper Lottery March 4 crore
Vishu Bumper Lottery May 5 crore
Monsoon Bumper Lottery July 2 crore
Thiruvonam Bumper Lottery September 10 crore
Pooja Bumper Lottery November 4 crore


Sikkim Lotteries

You may know that Sikkim organizes the amazing Playwin Lottery. However, it also operates another lucrative lottery that follows the Derby Weekly Scheme. You can participate in Bigwin Jackpot or other Jackpot Special schemes. There are also three Puja Bumper lotteries to choose from.

Note that the government restrict the Bumper lottery drawings to a maximum of six times in a year. A safer option to go for is the Dear Morning Lottery Scheme which gives prizes every day of the week.

  • Dear Smart Monday
  • Dear Fresh Tuesday
  • Dear Starter Wednesday
  • Dear Breeze Thursday
  • Dear Early Friday
  • Dear Bloom Saturday
  • Dear Wake Sunday

Punjab Lotteries

The Punjab Lottery has been operated since 1968 by a wing of the Punjab Government. The government is responsible for holding the monthly lottery draws which are created by the Finance Department. The lottery’s name, the number of tickets issued, and the date of the draw is decided by it. Following the Bumper lotteries at a glance.

Holi Bumper –

It’s usually organized before and during the Holi festival.

Baisakhi Bumper –

This one is set around the Sikh holiday Baisakhi.

Rakhi Bumper –

This Raksha Bandhan-themed lottery draws in late March.

Punjab State Diwali Bumper –

This Bumper is held during the Diwali season and draws in November.

New Year Lohri Bumper –

This one celebrates the new year by announcing in late January.

History Of Indian Lottery

Many people in India enjoy playing lotteries. This is evident by the presence of so many inspiring stories of Indian jackpot winners. One of the famous wins was received by Harikumar, a tea shop owner in Bangalore. He won a whopping 6 crores in the Thiruvonam Bumper lottery. However, to everybody’s surprise, he didn’t retire. Instead, he continued to run his family tea shop and used the money to buy a better home for his family and send his kids to better schools.

Manoj Kumar and his wife Raj Kaur earned only ₹250 per day working as daily wage workers at a local brick kiln in Punjab’s Sangrur district. Supporting their family of six was hard and whatever they earned went hand to mouth. However, one day when Manoj decided to buy a lottery ticket for the first time in his life, he struck gold. He won the Rakhi Bumper lottery of ₹1.5 crores and was in seventh heaven when he matched the numbers. Though Manoj was happy with his fortune, he regretted not being smiled upon by lady luck a few months earlier when he couldn’t save his father from asthmatic problems.

Another story of huge fortune comes to us from Kerala where Mofijul Sheikh won the Karunya lottery of ₹1 crore. He arrived to work as a day labourer and decided to buy a ₹50 lottery ticket after getting a job on his first day. When he found out that he had won the massive amount, he was gripped by paranoia and asked for refuge from the police. He then decided to return to his home town as soon as possible to meet his family and give them the good news.

On the cheerful side, six friends made the headlines in Kerala recently in September 2019 when they jointly own the Onam Bumper Lottery. Six guys — Ronni, Vivek, Rajiv, Subin Thomas, Rimjin and Ratheesh — had pooled in their hard-earned money to buy two tickets of ₹300 each. Upon interviewing, they said they couldn’t believe that one the two tickets they had bought had struck gold. They won the highest amount offered by the state lottery of 12 crores and hadn’t decided what they were going to do.

However, the biggest jackpot win in India belongs to a man named Jaiprakash Jaiswal. He was a poor scrap dealer in Kankurgachi who struggled to make ends meet. His life changed overnight when on one morning, Jaiprakash found out that he had won the Playwin lottery of 17 crores. He was reported saying that he wanted to open a small business after he convinced himself he had actually won.

FAQs about Online Lotteries for Indians

While we’ve tried our best to cover everything you could possibly want and need to know about online lotteries for Indians, it’s completely natural for you to have doubts that may not have been addressed above. If you do, check out the most frequently asked questions we get from our readers and you may just find your answer.

1. Where Will I Find The Tickets To Play Indian Lotteries And International Lotteries Online?

If you want to buy lottery tickets online, you have various options. If you want to participate in one of the Indian lotteries online, you can go directly to the official page of the lottery website. However, not all Indian lotteries have the option to participate online, in which case you can go for an online lottery agent. Just find a good online lottery agent site that’s fast, secure, and easy to use like ours.

If you want to buy tickets to international lotteries, you may either find that the same agent offers to them as well, or you might have to find a trustworthy international online lottery agent.

2. How Do International Lottery Agents Work?

When you sign up to an international online lottery agent, you get the option to select from several of the world’s biggest draws. On the agent’s website, you’re required to pick out your lucky numbers. Next, the online agent’s local office buys the lottery ticket with the same numbers on your behalf. For an extra level of confirmation, the official lottery ticket is scanned and uploaded to your account to eliminate your concerns. If your numbers come up in the draw, the online agent collects the winnings and transfers them directly to your account. Most agents don’t collect any commissions on your winnings and immediately notify you of your win via email or SMS.

3. Can I Use Indian Payment Methods To Participate In International Lotteries?

Almost all international lotteries accept Indian payment methods for participation. Agents have taken into consideration all the factors that are needed to make international lotteries comfortable for Indian players. However, as a player, your due diligence is to make sure the agent offers payment methods that are available to you. Also, make sure the withdrawal methods are same as deposit methods so that your winnings are deposited straight into your account.

4. Can I Participate In Online Lotteries That Don’t Require Deposits?

Demo games that don’t require deposits or even sign up can be a blessing for newbies who simply want to try new games, websites, and features. However, currently, there are no online lotteries that let players participate without depositing money. If you do want to play for fun, you can find some agents offering demo scratch cards and instant win games.

5. Which Is The Biggest Indian Lottery?

The biggest Indian lottery is Playwin. It’s operated by the Sikkim government and has five games you can participate in. These games are drawn once a week and have very lucrative prizes. You can purchase its tickets from an authorized seller. is an information only site and we will not ask you for money. Our information is just for fun and are not a form of gambling and we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information available on our site. takes no responsibility for actions performed by it’s users outside of or on the sites of any of it’s advertised partners. does not condone gambling in any way. is not in any way associated with the IPL, BCCI, ISL, nor with the FSDL. is a Malta-based business and does not operate, facilitate or condone any real money gambling transactions.

We earn our revenue from advertising and some of these adverts might be related to gambling, however, we do not endorse or condone gambling. Be aware that gambling laws vary between states and territories. Please check your local laws before engaging in any real money gambling. You should always check your local laws before performing real money gambling. In India laws vary from state to state and again we ask users to refer to their local laws before gambling with real money.

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