Everything About The Indian Teen Patti Game

Everything About The Indian Teen Patti Game


तीन पत्ती or Indian Teen Patti is one of the most popular card games in India. Just check the most downloaded games tab in Android Play Store and you will find Teen Patti by Octro at the top 10 spots. 
So, why does India love Teen Patti so much? Firstly, it brings a new twist to the original 3 card poker and holds some similar gameplay mechanics of the UK 3-card brag card game. Originated in the Indian subcontinent, the Indian Teen Patti game is also known as lush or flash within the Indian gambling community. Teen Patti has become quite synonymous with our childhood days. A boring friendly gathering can quickly turn interesting over a game of Flash including real money. 
In recent years, Teen Patti has taken the mobile iGaming industry by storm as Indians have a wider acceptance of card games on social media. Moreover, popularity can also be attributed to the fact that India is the second-largest smartphone market in the world.

Although Teen Patti online is relatively easy to master, it has its fair share of tips and strategies that will enhance your winning chances. Learn Indian Teen Patti online from our professional casino industry experts and place your bets without going over the edge. You don’t want to bet on variations that you do not understand. Trust us!

Basic Terminologies Of Indian Teen Patti Online Game

To understand the game of Indian Teen Patti, you need to get familiar with some common terms of the Teen Patti gameplay. Here are some basic terminologies to keep you going for the time being.

Boot or Ante

The Boot or the Ante is the total amount that is paid by all the players before the cards are dealt with them. This becomes the minimum bet later in the game.

Call (Chaal)

Call is the amount of money that is paid by the seen players.


A player can take a break from a Teen Patti game. But when he re-enters the game, he has to post or pay the next deal’s Ante. The Ante amount that he missed during the break should be equal to the amount that the player needs to post.

Fold (Pack)

If a player thinks that his hand is not strong enough then he can opt to quit the game anytime he wants. By folding, the player forfeits all his chance of winning the pot money.


If there are two players left in a Teen Patti game, then both of them get the option to show their hands.

Blind player

– The player who has not seen his cards yet after the initial distribution. To participate in the betting if another blind player is sitting next to him, he has to bet a wager that is equal to the current stake or increase it not more than twice.

Seen player

– The player who has seen his cards after the initial distribution. To participate in the betting if another seen player is sitting next to him, then he has to put a stake that is  2-4 times bigger than the last stake.       

Pot limit

This limit any player to raise the pot money amount up to the size of the whole pot.

Spread limit

A player can raise to any amount that is pre-mentioned in the game of Teen Patti.

Fixed limit

If the game supports a fixed limit structure, then the player is allowed to bet up to the call amount value( double the amount of the last stake).

No limit

In the Teen Patti games where no limit structure is allowed, players are allowed to raise any amount they like. There is no limitation on the bet amount.

Fun Fact: Did you know that there is an Indian Thriller film named “Teen Patti” that was launched back in 2010? Amitabh Bachhan plays the character of a mathematics genius who tries to write a thesis on probability and tries to prove its real-life significance by implementing it in the world of gambling. Have you watched it?

Essentials For Playing An Indian Teen Patti Online Game

You will need the following essentials to initiate a game of Teen Patti.

  • A deck of cards without Joker.
  • A poker table to sit and play the game.
  • Poker chips which act as currency during the gameplay.
  • A dealer button to signify who will deal the cards in a clockwise direction.
  • 2-10 players to play the game.
  • A dealer who will count chips and deal the cards.

The Objective Of The Indian Teen Patti Online Game

All the player has to do is get the 3 best card hand rankings and maximise the pot amount.

The Basics Of Indian Teen Patti Online Game

Just like any other Poker variants, a game of Teen Patti requires the player to make a bet. Before the distribution of cards, a general fixed amount is decided by every player. After the bet has been made, the dealing of cards is initiated by the dealer in a face-down the order. After both the dealer and the player receives three cards, the next step is to make a call or raise the bet. A poker player should be familiar with these terms before getting into the game. We have explained some common terminologies in the following section. When you make a call, you remain in the game but your bet does not increase. When you raise, you risk winning or losing the initial bet by adding more cash to the pot.

Note: Please keep in mind that Indian Teen Patti game is a little bit different than the other Poker variants which are known globally. In a game of Teen  Patti, only equal bets are allowed. This means if Player A bets Rs200 and Player B bets Rs 400, then Player A has to add another Rs 400 to the previous Rs 200 to stay in the game.

Hand Rankings Of Indian Teen Patti Online Game

The hands are ranked from high to low. If you’re going to master an Indian Teen Patti online game, you have to get familiar with every card hand ranking of the game as it essentially determines the winner. Check out the types of hand rankings and learn them by heart.

Types of hand Description Probability of the hand (in a 52-card pack  with no joker) Odds Frequency Cumulative Probability
Three of a kind/trail If a player has three cards of the same rank, then he has a Three of a kind/trail or Trio hand. Here, three Ace cards are the highest and the three Two cards are ranked as the lowest. 0.24% 424.00:1 52 0.24%
Pure sequence  If a player gets three consecutive cards which belong to similar suits, then he has a pure sequence or straight flush hand.  The highest is A-K-Q while the lowest is 4-3-2. 0.22% 459.42:1 48 0.45%
Straight/Sequence If a player gets three consecutive cards of the same which are not from the same suit, then he has a sequence or straight hand. 3.26% 29.69:1 720 3.71%
Flush If a player gets a hand of three cards of the same suit but which are not arranged in sequence, then he has a flush or colour hand. The highest flush is A-K-J while the lowest is  5-3-2. 4.96% 19.16:1 1096 8.67%
Two of a kind If a player gets two cards that belong to the same rank, then he has a Pair hand or Two of a kind. The third card is used to decide the winner if both pairs are of the same value. Here, the highest pair hand is A-A-K while the lowest hand is 2-2-3. 16.94% 4.90:1 3744 25.61%
High card  If a player has three cards that does not belong in the same rank, sequence or suit. If both hands have similar values, then the third card is used to determine the winner. Here, the best hand is A-K-J while  5-3-2 is the worst. 74.39% 0.34:1 16440 100.00%

Note that the probability of getting a Three of a kind is 0.24%. Statistically, that equals to 1 in every 500 hands!

The Gameplay Of Indian Teen Patti Online

Online Indian Teen Patti initiates from the player sitting right at the left of the dealer. The turn moves around in a clockwise direction. Every player present in the game can either add money to the pot or fold. If a player folds, he does not have to bet on anything but he loses all the money that he has already put in the pot. To stay in the game, every player has to match the current stake at least. Moreover, if the player has seen his initial cards, then he has to bet twice the amount that the blind player has bet on.

Betting for blind and seen players

If you haven’t looked at your cards yet and playing blind, then you can place a minimum bet of the current stake and not more than twice the current stake. The amount that you put in determines the current stake for the subsequent player. If you have already seen your cards, then you have to place a minimum bet of twice the current stake and a maximum bet that is not more than four times the current stake. Here, the next player’s current stake becomes half your bet amount.

If you choose to look at your cards when your betting turn comes, you can opt to see your cards and become a seen player. If you do, you have to place a bet which is twice the current stake at least. He can choose to fold as well. This will continue unless and until one of the following situations occurs:

  • Every player in the game has folded except one player. Irrespective of the cards that the player holds, the entire pot money goes to the last player and he is hailed as the winner.
  • Every player in the game has folded except two remaining players. Here, if one of the players opts to show his cards, then the other player has to show his cards as well. Then the cards are compared and the winner is hailed according to the hand rankings.
Note: In an Indian Teen Patti game, there is a limit on the number of initial bets in the game. It is equal to 128 initial bets. Moreover, the maximum pot should not go over 1024 initial bets.

Rules for showing cards –

To show a hand, some basic criteria need to be made. Firstly, a show cannot occur until and unless the other players have dropped out of the match except two. If the player is playing blind, then the cost of a show is the current stake of the game. Irrespective of whether the other player is playing blind or seen, you won’t be able to look at your cards until and unless you have paid for the show. You cannot demand a show if you are seen player and the other player is blind. If both are seen players, then they can demand a show by paying twice the current stake.  During the show, the exposed cards of both the players are compared and the highest-ranking hand wins the game. In some rare situations, if both players have equal hands, then the player who has not demanded a show wins the game and takes home the entire pot money.

Compromise (Slideshow)

– It is also possible to compromise during a betting round. If all the players are seen players, then a player can bet twice the current stake and ask the player before him whether or not he wants to show his card or not. The player who has the weakest ranking hand has to leave the game if the opponent accepts the compromise. If both the player ends up with equal hands, then the player who offered the compromise has to leave the game.

Fact: The rules of Teen Patti is very similar to Brag (a British card game).

What To Do If You Run Out Of Money?

In this case, you have two options basically – either continue playing or fold your hands. If you want to continue playing, you have to go all-in or deposit more money into the game from your main account, If you are going for all in, then side pots are created to determine the winner. What is a side pot? In simple terms, it is a separate pot which not all players are eligible to win and have not contributed. They are created when a player goes all-in and the other players go on wagering subsequently in the game. For each side pot and the main pot, separate showdowns occur. The players who are not eligible for a certain pot are not allowed to participate in its showdown.

Variations Of The Indian Teen Patti Online Game

Did you think there was only one type of Teen Patti game? Well, the following variants of the traditional Indian Teen Patti game take the fun factor to a whole new level. Keep reading.

Joker Variation

From a properly shuffled deck, three cards will be dealt with the players. After dealing the cards to every player the dealer starts to take out one random card and nominates the other cards of the same number/ran/strength as a wild card or Joker. You can use the Joker as any card in the game. Just like the traditional Indian Teen Patti game, the betting rules are pretty similar.

999 Variation

In this poker variant, the player who can get his hand close to the hand combination value 999 wins the game. The best hand in this game is undoubtedly considered as 9-9-9.

Revolving Joker Variation

In this variation of Teen Patti, the Joker changes when someone folds. If the player loses or folds in a slideshow, the dealer chooses three new Jokers from the remaining cards. This will go on until and unless two players are left in the game.

4x Boot Variation

This game is played just like the traditional Teen Patti except for the fact that the initial Ante value is four times more than the normal Ante value. Due to this, the pot value of this Teen Patti variant increases very quickly (Check the basic terminologies above to understand what is Ante or Boot value).

Muflis Variation

If you are one of those players who always get the worst hands, then this game is especially for you! The aim of the game is to get the weakest 3-Patti hand! The other gameplay rules are pretty much similar to the traditional Teen Patti game.

Lowest Joker Variation

Here, the lowest card of every player becomes the Joker. If the lowest pair exist in pairs, then that pair is turned into 2 Jokers. The rest of the betting rules remain the same as traditional Teen Patti.

AK47 Variation

This variation of Teen Patti online can be enjoyed between 2-10 players. Every A, K,7 and 4 of all suits are wildcards or Jokers in this Teen Patti variant. They can be used for any cards you want. Just like the traditional game, the player with the strongest hand is declared the winner. The other betting rules are the same. The game becomes really fun to play as the number of Jokers adds up to 16!

Faceoff Variation –

This game is pretty similar to the normal Teen Patti game except the fact that players are dealt only with the faceoff cards (10, J, Q, K and A).

Royal Variation

In this variant, you have to play with only twenty cards including A-K-Q-J-T. As the cards are limited, a maximum of 6 players are allowed to play the game. 

Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Indian Teen Patti Online Gameplay

Learn some of the best tips and tricks from the industry experts. Whether or not you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, these tips and tricks will surely help you to enhance your winning chances in Teen Patti.

  • Teen Patti online game is a game of bluffing. Even though you know that you have a weak hand, you need to show or persuade the other players that you have a strong hand. How? Through your body language, expressions and eye gestures. You need to assess the expressions, playing patterns and behaviours of other players and assume what cards they might be having. The body language speaks a lot, so make sure to take advantage of this. You can do this with a lot of practice!
  • Most beginners make the mistake of betting large if they get a good hand. Don’t! Take time to play your turn, By placing a big bet from the start, you will scare the other opponents and they will fold preventing the pot money from increasing further.
  • If you are new to the Indian Teen Patti game scenario, we would suggest that you start with low bets and then increase it gradually.
  • Study the other players carefully. Keep in mind that players tend to get expressive and emotional through the course of the gameplay. Keep an eye and ear out throughout the game, Some players prefer wearing goggles to make it difficult for the other players to read them. 
  • Agree on the stakes that everyone agrees to play with. You need to sound like a pro to give others the impression that you know what you are doing. The best tip is to start with low-value bets.
  • In Indian Teen Patti online games, you will find that a lot of players play blind for the first few rounds. Players who are usually restless tend to look first and give their cards away. Keeping the opponent perplexed is a good move. By keeping your confidence level intact, you can keep them doubtful which is crucial in a game of Teen Patti. So, it is advantageous to play blind, whether you are a novice or a seasoned player. Moreover, playing blind also increases your overall pot money! A win-win situation!
  • If you do not get good hands, don’t get disappointed. It happens to the best of us. Just remember that eventually, you will get a good hand, A lot of beginners normally jump from one room to another which costs them more money that they are not aware of. If you are facing a losing streak, take a break, earn some bonus chips and points and start over fresh. Or, you can try your luck the next day. You can’t expect every day to be a winning day!
  • Keep in mind that a good win takes a lot of patience. The game of Indian Teen Patti is based on taking the right opportunity to bet. If you are doubtful about a particular situation, pack up and leave. If you look at the most prominent poker players, you will find that they bet on a small percentage of hands.
  • If you get weak hands, continue bluffing the other players. Confuse them so much that they are forced to fold. Make sure that you do not give any indication of our losing cards.
  • If you are not sure what to do with your hand, you can ask for a slideshow from your previous player. In this way, the person with the better hand keeps on playing for the rest of the game. Make sure that you have a good hand before asking for a slideshow or compromise. This unique feature also makes it easy to decide whether or not your hand worth continuing the game.

The Legality Of Playing Online Teen Patti Games In India

If you are looking for the answer – Yes, it is totally legal to play online Teen Patti in India. Gambling has its deep cultural roots in India and there are no precise laws to govern online gambling in India despite heavily restricting it. Since 1867, gambling has been outlawed thanks to the Public Gaming Act. The punishment for infringing the rules was 1-3 months of imprisonment to a fine of Rs 200 maximum. The surprising fact is that even after 100 years, we are still governed by the same old customs and laws. Moreover, the law does not mention anything about online gambling. 
In short, there is no law in India that states that playing online casino games like Teen Patti is illegal in India. So, you can bet on online Teen Patti games as much as you want safely.

Note: Under the “Bombay Wager Act”, online gambling is explicitly banned in Maharashtra only. 

How To Play Teen Patti Games Online In India?

Here are the basic steps to access online Teen Patti games for real money in India:-

  • Choose a proper online casino to initiate your Teen Patti online gaming journey. This is very crucial. Make sure that the casino you are signing at is properly licensed, reliable and secure to safeguard your financial transactions.
  • Next, fill in your personal information like phone number, email address and more. It will take just a few minutes. Put in the correct information as it is necessary for background verification.
  • After you have registered, choose the proper welcome bonus and promotional offer to increase your initial deposit money.
  • Head over to the ‘Games’ section of the online casino, click on your favourite Teen Patti game and you are good to go!

That’s it! Now, you can have unlimited fun with your favourite card game and win real money!

Teen Patti Online Game Experience In India

Rapid advancement in technology has allowed software developers to come up with a digital version of our favourite Indian traditional game. Don’t have a pair of cards near you to play a game of Teen Patti? Now, you can with usta click of a button. Get access to exclusive Teen Patti games from your Android or iOS device from the comfort of your sofa! Online Teen Patti games have changed the entire iGaming experience in India and have made it easy for Indians to enjoy the game they love anytime and anywhere they want! With pleasing graphics, soundtracks, state of the art security measures and real money betting involved, Teen Patti online games help you to connect with your friends with zero-hassle at your choice of place and time like never before!

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